You should know that stock photography is basically all about taking photos "on spec". This means that the photographer will take pictures of people, objects or situations during an event and then sell the pictures after they have been taken. You have to know that they were not hire or nor are they on specific photography assignment. They are just taking pictures of things, people or situations that they think is good and just click the shutter.


This kind of photography is normally being used in printed advertisements. You have to know that stock photography is being used for magazines, brochures and website posts, but there are also other things that this can do.


These stock photography or stock photo is licenses in different ways as well. The two most important licenses are the Rights Managed and Royalty Free Stock.


These right managed photography is what's being used by people with a specific license, maybe limited and will also have a purpose. For example, if an advertiser would need a stock photo for one specific purpose, like for an ad campaign, he or she will have the right to license a photo for that specific purpose. And that would mean that it would only be that time and campaign that they can use that photo. They will also be paying depending on the size of the ad campaign that they intend to do and also the lifestyle stock photo that they will be using.



There are instances that the advertiser would want to use that photo again for another purpose. This will mean that they have to pay another fee because each time they pay, it will only be equivalent to one use. And that will not necessarily mean that the fee will still be the same, it will still depend on the campaign use and size of the stock photo. The recurring fees or better known as royalties and with rights managed stock photography, they can be expensive at times. It will even reach the hundred thousand dollar mark, that is how expensive it can be, and not to mention the service will be limited. Remember that no matter how expensive you paid for the fee, the use is down to only one per fee so make sure that you assess your standings and make sure that you use the full potential of the stock photo that you just purchased. When you follow this guide, you will have a better understanding of the whole stock photography process. Check out for more info about stock photography.